The First Nations People of Australia are the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People. The pristine waters of the Torres Strait Islands are located above North Queensland, Australia. The Islands were named after a Spanish sailor, Luis Vaz de Torres, who navigated through the islands in 1606. Torres Strait is traditionally and more commonly known by our islander brothers and sisters today as Zenadth Kes.
For these beautiful saltwater people, the ocean has influenced their culture and identity for thousands of years, basing traditional songs and practices from the sea.

The Torres Strait Islander people take pride by practicing ‘good pasin’.To demonstrate 'good pasin’ is by paying respect to all aspects of life from learning and working with people and culture. This is a way of life for the people of the Straits, being practised in activities such as hunting, diving and fishing.

Like the ancestors before them surviving from the seas, it is vital to continue these traditions, respect and a connection to the ocean while passing this knowledge onto future generations.

We, The First Nations People of Australia, it is with love and respect that together we take pride in our culture and identity through the connection of land and sea that our ancestors have collectively sustained, practicing our traditional languages, dances and song lines.

Our people, our ancestors have empowered and influenced this nation, for us to have the privilege to be standing here today.

Together we TAKE PRIDE.

Written by Tamika Sadler.