Red, black & yellow are the colours of our flag.

A familiar song to those grateful enough to grow up in a high populated community.
The Aboriginal flag represents the mainland people of Australia. 
Red standing for the First Nations Mother Earth, the lands we call Australia. 
Black being a representation of the First Nations People of this country and the First Nations Peoples of the World.

And yellow in the centre. This is visible from around the world, some of First Nation Australians refer to as “Grandfather Sun”. Grandfather Sun allows us to be still of a night whilst reflecting its eyes at us through the constellations of the galaxies. 
Grandfather Sun also allows each night to become day full of the colour & brightness, giving us gratitude for a new day with new possibilities for greatness.

We together are a representation of an ongoing unbreakable cycle on Earth called life. Mother Earth has been around long before us it will continue to be here long after us. Our flag is a reminder that on our journey of life we must show gratitude for our land and waterways. Our countries provide everything that we need in order to survive and thrive long before colonisation. Together as one mob and one heart, let’s work together to protect land and sea country for our future jarjums! 
With plenty of work that lies ahead, we will continue to TAKE PRIDE in our land, our waterways, our countries, our culture, our families and our songlines and keep MOVING FORWARD! 
The Aboriginal Flag was designed by Harold Thomas in 1971. [-0-] 


Written by Benjamin Thomson & Tamika Sadler.