The TAKE PRIDE MOVEMENT was founded by Benjamin Thomson, a proud Wiradjuri man who grew up in Western Sydney. Through attending university Ben had a positive vision to bring together people from all cultures to celebrate the oldest surviving culture on the planet with over 60,000 years of traditions. 
The concept behind the TAKE PRIDE MOVEMENT is to give a voice through fashion - closing the gap between First Nation Australians and non-Indigenous Australians. 
The Take Pride Movement showcases bold and eye-catching apparel; art that captures visual attention of all races; and our blog for our truth seekers and positive vibe stories. With our concept, we aim to inspire and empower you to ask questions and seek a greater understanding of First Nation Australians and our culture. 
TAKE PRIDE MOVEMENT hope to inspire and light the fire for all people, of all races to immerse into the fashion and art worlds with our traditional and contemporary designs. 
We appreciate the support we have receive on the journey so far and we TAKE great PRIDE in the MOVEMENT that is #takepridemovement .